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Carolyn, Nic and Rob bring a personal service to all of their commissions based on their many years of experience on a wide variety of building types. Their small team ensures this personal touch continues throughout the process through to completion. Our high emphasis on design and the design process ensuring that the client is involved from the outset and ensures the eventual creative solutions exceed client expectations.


Communication of ideas using a variety of media from hand drawn sketches through physical models, to computer aided models, virtual reality and photorealistic fly throughs can all be created to help explain our ideas, but the success of any new building or extension will start with a thorough and detailed brief so that both parties know exactly what they are embarking upon.

The process will be checked and examined on a number of occasions during the design to ensure that the brief has been met, budgets understood and worked within and the client fully appreciates exactly what he or she is getting.

We can provide assistance with the choice of a local contractor and on site contract administration if required. 

We help with the technical Health and Safety responsibilities of a client have a feedback process at the end of the project     


we can give you links to the relevant pages

Working with an architect

Outline plan of work PDF

Planning Portal

Building Regs Portal

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