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Brook House

Rob & Sara Boltman
Value: £350,000

This hidden plot on Roath Brook in Cardiff was concealed behind high walls and a three storey Victorian Terrace. It had a 1970s bungalow and overgrown garden and was in need of redevelopment. The design is for a highly sustainable, contemporary two storey house tucked inconspicuously behind the walls. The planning permission was recently granted for this ultra contemporary 4 bed detached house, following careful consultation with the planners. This resulted in their strong support for this modern design as a 21st century addition to the Roath Mill Gardens conservation area.


Set next to Roath Brook this house has a L-shaped plan with stone fin walls reflecting the locality contrasting with modern Equitone cladding panels. The house has many sustainable features and is to be built using modern methods of construction, off site. Super-insulated and airtight and with a passive solar design with some innovative construction techniques, it should require minimal heating.


Work Started on site in April 2017 and was completed only 5 months later. This project was short-listed for the Welsh Architecture Prize 2018 and has been featured in magazines, online and on TV.

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