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Llandaff Park

Taylor Wimpey

Following our successful application for outline consent on the former BBC site in Llandaff for Taylor Wimpey in 2015, we have  achieved a detailed planning permission in 2017. This involved developing the masterplan for this important site including designing a full range of apartment types, both private and social, and tailoring their standard house types to match the concept.


The resulting project retains the original strong design ideas and many of the existing mature trees, creating a series of new spaces to be enjoyed by the residents and public - The Square, The Crescent and The Courtyard. One of the key challenges was how to create variety within the 8 acre site and the 364 residential units whilst creating a sense of place. We have used a simple palette of quality materials and standard treatment of windows at appropriate scales across all units from the small scale terraced houses; the larger standard Tailor Wimpey house plans which have been completely re-skinned; the three and four storey town houses through to the apartment blocks which range from three storey to six storey.


The resulting design maintains a sense of togetherness in spite of its large scale. The key spaces have an urban proportion which is in keeping with the conservation area of Llandaff. 

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