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Coronovirus (COVID-19) Update

Despite the current situation Downs Merrifield architects will be operating our business as usual. However, we decided last Thursday to close the office and all of us are now working remotely from home using chat lines and maintaining as normal a working environment as possible.

We are also looking to reduce meetings to only those which are absolutely necessary. We appreciate that building operations on site will be continuing as these are generally in the open air and unless our contractors inform us otherwise we will continue to service these sites, either physically or remotely as required. As the situation escalates we accept that normal timescales associated with planning applications and responses to pre-app's etc, will be affected but we will continue to carry out concept design work, design development leading to planning applications and working drawing packages as normal. This way we can maintain momentum on all of our projects to ensure that we are well placed when things return to normal. We thank you for your patience with the inevitable minor delays as a result of our team working separately and from home. In the meantime, feel free to contact us via phone/email/whatsapp/google chat etc


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