• Carolyn

Llantrisant Low Carbon House

In these days of climate emergency it is fantastic to have a client who understands the need to live in a more sustainable way. We have designed a small house which ticks all the orientation, insulation and renewable boxes to be as near zero carbon as the budget will allow. Having got planning a couple of months ago, last week our client signed contracts with a main contractor and a timberframe company to deliver our design. Working with the steeply sloping site to take advantage of the far-reaching views towards the Vale of Glamorgan, this split-level house features a ‘butterfly’ roof to enable the installation of south-facing roof-integrated PV solar panels, while still presenting a striking modern design. Super-insulated, with a design SAP rating of 98A, the house is forecast to be near-zero carbon in use. Construction starts on site in early January.

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