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Timber Frames on site

We have six jobs currently on site with a timber frame going up. This is a wonderfully sustainable method of construction, which generally goes up in two or three weeks. If the windows are ordered the same time as the timber frame they can follow straight on and has the advantage of making the building watertight within a very short period. The various electrical and mechanical subcontractors can then immediately get on with their work away from the elements at the same time as the roof and external cladding progress. The flexibility of a timber frame allows for any type of external finish from brick/ stone, render, zinc or cladding. This construction method can include for very high levels of insulation and control of cold bridges which together with the low carbon materials and breathable membranes produces a high performing sustainable house envelope. We use a variety of UK companies to manufacture and design the frames.

The various projects on site are:-

Lettyshenkin Coach House:- Incorporating habitats for bats in the first floor and to the rear in a long corridor against the adjacent hillside. This building will eventually be clad in stone and look identical to the old coach house it replaced but be warm and comfortable

Llansannor:- This very contemporary house will shortly be complete - more images soon

King George V Avenue:- This two story compact house replaces a bungalow overlooking Heath Park and will be clad in render.

Ysgoldy Gynt:- Another contemporary house, still in the early stages, but built into a steep slope with a swimming pool and gym at the lowest level. This timber frame is insulated to the highest Passiv Haus levels and the property incorporates many low energy features. It will be clad in stone panels and zinc

Cefn Coed Road:- A development of nine flats near to Roath Lake, the front will be clad with brick and render to look very traditional and fit in the the Georgian villas around, the rear is clad with contemporary materials.

St Florence - a holiday home in West Wales clad in render


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