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working in 3D

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All of our projects from sketch design through construction to completion are built virtually using the computer to ensure our clients can visualise exactly what they are getting. We use both three dimensional computer and physical models to explain our work, including Virtual Reality headsets so our clients can ‘walk’ through the buildings and truly understand the spaces. The designs and details are tested out long virtually before they get to site to try and eliminate later problems


Downs Merrifield architects have a good cross section of software on both PC and Mac platforms. This includes Revit as the main technical operating systems. The increasing use of Building Information Management (BIM) on projects has led to us become proficient in Revit to ensure we can meet this demand.

The practice has links with a group of similar practices as well as larger practices to ensure that we can deliver major projects to BIM level 2 if required.

Downs Merrifield architects produce in house computer generated images to create detailed and photorealistic versions of completed designs when required.

We have invested in both the software and hardware to be able to provide a high resolution Virtual Reality experience of the design. We use this both as an internal design tool but also as a means of presentation to clients. There is a small extra charge for this as we have to model up more of the interiors than we would normally carry out and the image adjacent shows the quality of the virtual image. Reactions from the clients who have experienced using the VR headset is very positive, and give them a real idea of what the final space will be like.

We use a full headset and a dual screen so that we can see what the user is experiencing. It really is a fully immersive experience and will give you both a much better idea about the spaces that we are aiming to create. You are actually in the virtual model and you can look and walk around the house to experience the design before anything has been built.

In addition to using the VR headset, we can provide a web based virtual house which can be explored in a similar way to a video game.

Often a physical model will enable ideas and concepts to be communicated to a client and provide a greater level of appreciation of the design ideas. From relatively simple card or foam board through to laser cut and 3d printing techniques, the ability of a model as a communication device should not be underestimated.

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