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The Pound
Llandaff Community Room
Client: Llandaff 50+ Group

A redundant toilet building has been transformed into an Activity Centre for Older People, A Heritage Information Centre with accessible toilet and community garden space.  It is run by the local community and is sustainable with photovoltaic roof slates, air source heat pump and rainwater harvesting.

Fly through video

"We are so fortunate at Llandaff 50+ to have Carolyn Merrifield as our architect for The Pound.

She has guided us through our project with patience and understanding.  Her knowledge of the latest building materials is enabling us to adapt an old building to become eco-friendly and sustainable.

Her network of construction professionals and excellent reputation in the building community has helped us with this tricky project, which will be a testament to her ability and flexible working – whoever expected us to discover a medieval house underneath our building! "     Client - Llandaff 50+ 

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